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Available Services


Inn Sitting

Rates starting at $125/a day

As your interim Innsitter I will perform the daily tasks you are familiar with. To make sure I am managing your Inn to satisfy your needs. I will make sure the following tasks are completed. Making sure Check-In and Check-Out is completed and entered into your software. Record payments in the order you are accustomed with.  The breakfast menu will be prepared the night before and accommodating any special requests from guests.  Making sure Housekeeping cleans the rooms and resets them to your standards. If no housekeeping is available I will complete tasks at hand. This includes everything from Check-In to Check-Out.  Managing your Inn as if you were here completing all tasks.

French toast with whip cream and blueberries

French toast with whip cream and blueberries


Inn Sitting Classes

(Private or Group)

Rates starting at $100

Private Training:

Perhaps you cannot attend a scheduled Training Session. You live far from training site or have other obligations.  I am happy to come to you and train you on a one to one basis. We will take a full day and go through everything in my Manual, to make sure you learn what it involves being an Innsitter/Innkeeper. An Innsitter is only working a Short time.  It can be 1 week to 3 months.  An Innkeeper is full time 365 days a year.  

Rates $200.00

Group Speaking:

Lets say you belong to a group that is looking for information Innsitting/Innkeepers.  With my background in the Bed & Breakfast World, I can bring Information to your group.  It would give you an idea if any members would like to attend one of my Training Sessions or schedule a day long training with your Group.  A Group Presentation would cost $100. Depending on location.

Inn Sitting Manual

starting at $120

This Training Package will be mailed to you. With this package you will be able to learn at your convenience.  I will be available by phone or email at all times.  In your Manual you will learn all of the aspects of running a Bed & Breakfast.  You will take jobs all over the United States.  Learn the everyday schedule of a typical Day in the life of an Innsitter.  What other job takes you to  New places, stay in a beautiful Inn and get paid for it. You set your own schedule so it will not conflict with your personal life.  The manual includes Day to Day, forms, recipes, employment opportunities and associations worth joining.