Walking on Water

Opps! Well we were in the water. These are my sibbling’s and me minus our younger brother. We grew up loving Strawberry Lake with many other relatives that created so many loving memories. We learned how to swim there. Our Grandpa had a theory, throw you in the water and you will swim or drown. Sounds cruel but he was right there to catch us and get us to safety.

Yesterday, I was on a Pontoon boat at Silver Lake. One of my church friends invited me for a day on the water. I said yes. It was a day of sharing, laughing and just plain bonding. My friend Rose is such a great friend. She has a loving family and it shows in her face. Her heart is filled with Love. We spent many hours out on the lake and had to make a trip in to shore for snacks. Then back out we went. Jodi and Bard are great Captains of the vessel. Today I am a lobster but do not regret a moment.

Try staying at a Bed & Breakfast on a lake. You will not regret it My next blog will take you to a Bed &n Breakfast in Seward, Alaska. On a lake and has a sea plane.

Until my next traveling apron adventure. The picture below we are all grown up. Love you all!!!

Linda Benson