Your Next Destination with Just Sitting Inn

Looking for a great place to Rest & Relax but have a great time as well. Look no further. If you have never been to Grand Rapids, Ohio you must go. Near Toledo. The Mill House Bed & Breakfast is the place to stay. The Hospitality is Great and the food is wonderful. This town has so much to offer but yet small town flavor. Whenever I have been there I have met so many wonderful people. The owners are so welcoming and make your stay rewarding. You will be ready to book your next stay before you leave. There are antique stores, Bakery to die for and a Yarn Shop next door. The yarn is spun from llamas’. Craft classes offered in yarn shop to make your stay even more enjoyable. It is your next destination. Learn the history of this building.

Where will my traveling apron take us next????

Linda Benson