The Mighty Mac, Michigan

Perhaps your family went across the Mackinaw Bridge this holiday weekend. This bridge connects the lower part of Michigan known as the Mitten. And the Upper Peninsula of Michigan known as God’s Country. If you need a destination for a great vacation you can cross this bridge. You can go from Mackinaw City to Mackinaw Island by ferry. Very fast and refreshing Mackinaw Island is unique unto itself as well. No motorized vehicles allowed. All horse drawn carriages, ride a bike or walk. The Movie “Somewhere in Time”, was filmed on the island. The Grand Hotel is where most of it took place. So much to see and do.

The Island has many Bed & Breakfast Inns to accommodate you and your family. Someone on a bike or carriage will take your luggage to your Bed & Breakfast for you from the ferry. There is no other way to get to and from the island. Which makes it very romantic. There is a very historic Cemetery also on the island.

Well, if you decided to proceed to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan from the bridge you will not be disappointed with your decision. If you go to the website for the Michigan Bed & Breakfast Association it will show the Inns you will want to stay at. The scenery is amazing and you will feel like you are on another planet. The tree’s, wildlife and waterfalls will keep you thrilled. You may want to camp out doors as well. The list of places to camp is amazing as well.

Lets see where your apron will take you next. Try the U.P. eh? You Betcha!

Linda Benson