Snail Mail Today

Wow! With all of the social media that we all use is amazing. But if you look at every apartment building, personal homes and business, they all have a mailbox. We still rely on snail mail. This mailbox holds a story. When my sibblings and I went to visit my brother it was an adventure. Go down this road and when ends turn and go to the end of that road and look for our driveway. Do you have a mailbox? Yes, it is in the garage in a box. Well, they are out of the box and and have it on the road at the end of THE driveway.

How many of us do not ask for directions. We put the address in our GPS and enter the snail mail address. All the time looking for the MAILBOX with numbers on it. We all do it. The mailbox is an important icon in life.

It is the same way with a Bed & Breakfast. They all have a beautiful sign near the Mailbox and it will direct you to the greatest adventure. While driving around leisurely just check out signs in the yards of a Bed & Breakfast. It will tell you about the deco of the Inn. Any advertisement sign will catch your eye and tell you if it has appeal to your needs. With a Bed & Breakfast you look on their website, then find their location on their mailbox and then the SIGN that tells you that you have arrived. We are so programed to look at these steps to finding a location. Have safe travels whenever you go out of town or in your local neighborhoods. Enjoy your surroundings.

Lets see where my apron takes us next. Below is a sign from a Bed & Breakfast in Williamsburg, Va.

colonial gardens va sign.jpg
Linda Benson