Thinking of the 4th of July makes me proud to be an AMERICAN. I love everything about it past and future. Without our heritage from the beginning we would not be here. Knowing how people were treated in the past is not acceptable. But whatever life brings you, cannot be changed. All we can do is pray that we can all get along and move forward.

I love the United States of America. I am an Army Mom and my entire family stands for the Anthem. My two sons have kept our freedom secure. My brothers and in-laws have served. Let us all support our country with love and honor. I thank every service person in uniform or retired. Let us remember all who have given their life for our country. From the beginning of our forefathers sailing over here to create our Great Country.

I pray everyone that is traveling on this holiday week end ill be safe and sound and return to your homes safely. The Flag in the picture is in South Lyon, Mi. My 5 year old grandson wanted his picture taken by it. He is proud of the flag and our military. Lets all follow his lead and just be proud to be Americans and stand up for the Flag of these United States.

My apron will be traveling soon. Where is yours going?

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Linda Benson