Historic Williamsburg, Va.

My apron takes us to a very important place in history. Being a person that loves to research history and actually get to stand on the ground it was made. Can you imagine the soldiers that had to walk for days, weeks and sometimes months. No food or water and uniforms in rags. It brings to mind the movie The Patriot. That really gave me the real picture of what families went through. Not only losing fathers and sons but entire homes and the family members that stayed behind. Many times in Atlanta, Georgia reminds me of the entire place burned to the ground. For what, because they could. Or Roswell, Ga. Children ran the Mill and made confederate uniforms. They were all taken away on trains. God only knows where they were taken. To this day you can hear children’s voices in the trees. Make it a point to have your apron take you through history. I will have more for you as I arrive in Williamsburg, Va. Then, watch where my apron takes us next.

colonial gardens va sign.jpg
Linda Benson