Great International Guest

Today made my day. We had a guest from Australia. Very polite. Of course after saying good morning I had to ask him to say something. I love the Australian accent. He smiled. That is one of the millions of reasons to become an Innsitter. Do you think you will run into international guests in the grocery store or beauty salon? No I do not think so. He is here on business and is spending another night. When in Alaska I met many from China, England and other countries. The ones from England were so nice. The Mom was in love with Jon Snow from Game of Thrones as well as I. She then apologized to her husband. The daughter saw him in her office building as well. You just never know what adventures you well learn of. My stay at the Colonial Inn in Williamsburg, Va has been fab. Coming back here in Aug. and will be sure and doing a little sightseeing,.

Lets see where my apron takes us next,

Linda Benson