Friends are so very important to me. The friends in the picture are from my Class of 64’ at Lutheran High School West. Joy Road and Greenfield. How fast 55 years has gone by. Some I had not seen since High School. But upon joining them on that day of reunion it was as if with just stepped outside of our school.

I consider my sibblings as my very bestist friends. We are still close and meet once a month for lunch and fill each other up on what is new with our children and grandkids and even Great Grandkids. We had the honor of having a wonderful loving up bringing. We were poor but did not know it. Neighbors and kids on the block were very close. We ate at the table, went to church and had to be in before the street lights came on or the door would be locked. We made fun outdoors.

Now as my apron takes me all over the USA, I have accumulated many life time friends. The owners of the Inns also have become friends and we share a lot. I love what I do and enjoy places I go. Being single has its advantages. I am able to pick with my apron and go to another state. Not yet out of the country but would love it if I did. I will be traveling to the Five Finger Lakes in New York for a week. Looking forward to that.

Made a friend in Grand Rapids, Ohio that is working on a story of my life. Soon to be in the Toledo Paper, The Blade. I am writing a cookbook and she wants to know when I should be done with it. She is going to sell it for me in her area. She is 91 and still writes for the paper. What a blessing God has bestowed on me to meet her.

I have many friends at my church that are so loving. We go out to lunch every Sunday after church. We go to the Theatre in Chelsea owned by Jeff Daniels.

My friends list covers work, home, church and 1st of all family. Make sure you keep in touch with all of your friends and family to grow that bond. I had coffee with a lady that met me a year ago at a craft sale. She found my business card while cleaning and called me. We had coffee at our local Christian Coffee house. The Java House. Great conversation and will be meeting once a week. God has blessed my socks off so many times.

Linda Benson