Flowers in the Heart

Flowers represent so much more than a pretty picture. I received these flowers from my Son and Daughter-in-law. Every time I look at them I feel the love that they have for me and wanting to show it as well as tell me.

When driving up to a Bed & Breakfast I stop and “Smell the Roses” . An old cliché but had a lot of meaning. I know when I see the gardens in beautiful order that this Inn has a great organized place to stay. It says so much in the presentation. Flowers can reach your heart faster than a speeding locomotive. Some Inns have gardens you can walk in and that is relaxing as well and therapeutic. But even the gardens surrounding their entrance will give you the same peaceful feeling. If you have not stayed at a Bed & Breakfast, at least drive by one. You will see their sign and their gardens will reach out to you and say, Come in. You will feel that is it. But, you will then go inside and watch your heart take a leap. Every Inn will be decorated in vintage or modern. Whatever, it will be well kept and will thank your soul for booking. Try it and let me know what you think. Your particular Innkeeper has put their life into their Inns and it will show.

My apron will be traveling to one of my favorite B&B’s In Grand Rapids, Ohio Sorry “GO BLUE”

Linda Benson