Finger Lakes of New York

My apron has taken me to the Finger Lakes of New York. The mountains and the Wineries are just amazing. Everywhere you look is like a postcard view. We were up on a mountain looking over Seneca Lake. The view and hospitality was just so heart warming. The car races were taking place and one of the drivers was staying with us. Life is so full of great surprises.

The Idlewild Bed and Breakfast had 18 rooms, Housekeeping staff of 6. So well run it made it a pleasure to be a part of it. The kitchen was run so professionally. Like clockwork. I would be honored to be invited to come back again. Even the their dog Stella accepted me by sleeping with me one night. Surprised me but felt very part of the family.

Being a part of this great nation of America makes me so proud. Everyone needs to get out and experience this world of Bed and Breakfasts as well as the scenery that surrounds the Inn’s. The mountains and vineyards are so beautiful.

I will go back to this beautiful countryside with my apron. Lets see where it takes me in September. Till then enjoy life to the fullest,

Linda Benson