Buckeye Breakfast

My apron and a friend from church came to Grand Rapuds, Ohio. The Mill House Bed & Breakfast is a great destination. The weather turned grey and stormy but fun was had by all. My friend had her son pick her up and she is staying the week with him and her Granddaughter. We had a lot of fun talking all the way here.

The guests at the B&B were great and the new ones will be as well. We have someone coming from England on Friday. There were two families that grew up together. We had so much fun. That is a great reason to stay at a B&B. They brought their own snacks and had a great time reminiscing over snacks in the common room. You also meet guests you never met and they live in different states. I just answered the doorbell and someone wanted a room for Friday night. I am booked solid. But had a nice chat. Good thing I had not put on my jammies so I could answer the door. Then he tells me don’t answer the door anymore tonight. OK I won’t.

The owner are big Buckeye fans. No, Schroeders it is not the the round peanut filled cookies at Christmas time. It is the Ohio Buckeyes. They make me wear the Buckeye apron. But it is all in good fun and do it. Ron has so many things on the shelves, He always tells me that he knows every little thing on those shelves and do not throw them away.

My Apron travels to Williamsburg, Va next. That will be in Aug. Where is your apron going? Send pictures.



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Linda Benson